Day one, 10-01-2013

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We began the day by making microscopes using webcams. This was achieved by dismantling the webcam, flipping the lens over and placing it square over the photosensitive chip. To test precision and clarity we (Reuben Samson, Radha Parulekar and I) then held the inverted lens close to a laptop screen till pixels were seen. Once we were happy with what we could see, we glued the lens around the chip and went on to observing a few interesting things.

Here are some of the things we observed:

Part of a flower.jpg
Tip of a leaf.jpg
Dirty water.jpg

Since focusing clearly on something became an issue, we were asked to design a stand of the microscope. After much thinking, Reuben Samson put together this simple, yet effective stand.

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Simple microscope 2.jpg
Simple microscope 3.jpg
Simple microscope 4.jpg

That afternoon, we had a conversation with Ms. Sachiko who told us a little about what she does, a little about the project and our future ventures.