Day 2: Discussions and Research

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In the second class, we had serious discussions trying to underline the similarities and differences between art, design, science and technology and how they are all co-related. We also brought up the discussion of religion and how it has similarities to science. These discussions were very important as it helped us utilise any knowledge we have of science from our past. It refreshed our memories it terms of research and theory as well as practicality of science as a whole. At the end of the class we had to research about bacteria, E.coli and yeast. We were thrilled to find out one of our assignments was to make our very own wine; something that is definitely worth looking forward to. Hopefully our understanding and research will help us develop the best possible wine. By utilising the resources efficiently and of course patiently allowing yeast to work its biological processes on the grape, we should be able to produce and package bottles after a month.