DIY Single Photon Generator

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Photons usually come in packs. Single Photons are cool. Where to get them?

Seeing low light (scotopic vision):

Of cones and rods:

Neuroscience: Humans can detect single photons:
Experiment with toads' rods placed into electrodes:

1 photon (540nm) per second per solid angle = 3,6 · 10−19 Candela (cd)
Same Condition: 10^12 photons = Dial of a watch with glow in the dark color(ucd)
10^17 photons = Fire Fly / LED (10 mcd / 50 mcd)
10^19 photons = candle (1cd)

Got a Lumat, LB 9501 Single Tube Luminometer from
Despite the thing dating back to 1994 it is fully working and can detect down to below 1000 photons per second.
Here you find File:Berthold Lumat LB9501 manual.pdf with lot's on interesting information on photon counting.
The "Relative Light Unit" (RLU) represents 1/10 of the photons detected by the photon multiplier. With the tube having a Quantum-Efficiency of typ 24% at 420nm. Multiplied by a RLU tube correction factor, in our case 1.040. So we need to multiply the RLU reading by about 43 to get the number of photons. The luminometer is sensitive in the range of 390nm - 620nm.

Human Double Slit:
Photons per power: