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Welcome to the thGAP: transgenic human Genome Alternatives Project CGCB: Creative Germline Construct Bank for use with GOSHPA: Generic Open Source Plasmid for Human Arts

These are the first 5 genes that are ready for final review on our open soource database. Please look over our gene descriptions, sequences and related art and biology data sets. Then click on one or more of the review buttons and give us your creative analysis.

Instructables - Step One study the data up to now:






Part 2:

write one or more reviews:

Bioart Ethics - CGCB BioInfo Database Entry Form

Bioart Science Fiction - CGCB BioInfo Database Entry Form

Bioart Critic - CGCB BioInfo Database Entry Form


By contributing your writing below, you are becoming a part of an open source movement to collaborate on a public bioinformatic database for artistic human genome alteration.

  In thGAP Lab 1 we explored GenBank and found Genes of interest and then we did research into: anatomy, scientific imagery, lateral web image soothsaying, and the power of naming/neologism.  
  In GOSHPA Lab2 we found the FASTA sequence of genes of choice and chose: Methods of Trans Gene Infection, Promoters, Markers and ‘Safe’ Harbors to land the genes in the Human Genome. We also released the first draft of the Generic Open Source Plasmid for Human Arts (GOSHPA).
  In CGCB Lab 3 We try different writing styles to analyze lab participant gene choices.

The topics covered are: bioart science fiction, bioart ethics and bioart criticism. Each entry is a single review but you can try out scifi, ethics or art criticism multiple times on any of the following genes.

Your writing can be as few as 100 words or you can offer a longer or even include multimedia responses. The reviews are centered on reading how you think it is to be the human engineered with the genes of the CGCB. The data here is qualitative not quantitative. It is based on your subjective ideas. We encourage your creative freedom in response to this call.

Abbreviated synopsis and links to the genes currently in our database: Bchs bChs: Under expression disrupts brain cell pooping (autophagy) allowing for the buildup of waxy fat (ceramides) that leads to neurodegeneration like Parkinsons. Glycolipid mutants cause neurodegeneration and cholesterol amperage but the flies are also noticeably more giddy and randy. In humans this might lead to salty ceramides or with overexpression of nonMutant Bleu Cheese we might have less neurodegeneration and cholesterol reduction but also humans noticeably less giddy and randy, more lame with increased life span and expensive greasy synapses.

D.nft D.nft, XMT-CYB, MT-CYBo: Underexpression dirsrupts female fertility, causes debility and makes adverse effects on health. Mitochondrial Cytochrome B Stops inflation with free radicals. Over expression Is Anti artherosclerosis and effects migrants stuck in Chinese and Bangladeshi Xinjiang Uyghur camps with their origin mutant MT-CYBo X. If Severe Obesity, give Benzo Barbs and remain clinically silent, you homoplasmic carriers!

SuRaS super repair after sunburn (SuRaS) – from XPA, RAD52: What it does Important for skin... (loss of function gives more skin cancer), repairs DNA - excision repair to get rid of bulky lesions and thymine dimers through nucleotide excision repair (NER), a specialized type of DNA repair. Repairs UV radiation-inducedchemical carcinogen induced and chemotherapeutic drug damage to DNA. Mutations in this gene cause Xeroderma pigmentosum skin disorder featuring hypersensitivity to sunlight and increased risk for skin cancer. Super humans with super repair won't fix new mutations in genome, when they repair common DNA damage.

Engoz engoz (from Hook1), Engoz_ph1 Contig: This gene encodes a member of the hook family of coiled-coil proteins. The encoded protein localizes to discrete, punctuated subcellular structures, and interacts with several members of the Rab GTPase family involved in endocytosis (when a cell brings in food or other materials to be internalized, the cell surrounds the other stuff with cell membrane, and then ‘swallows’ or sort of coats the food with breading made of membrane wall that buds off inside the cell to form a vesicle containing the ingested material.

Spike.loc.x1 Spike.loc.x1, LOC107439103, AranaMadre Extremo Klattu, MadreAranaXyellow: aggregate spider glue-Aggregate spider glue from three spider types. (A) Orb weavers coat their web’s sticky capture spiral with glue, (B) cobweb weavers cover the lower portion of their triplines with glue to create ’gumfoot’ threads, (C) the bolas spider creates a large droplet of glue specialized for capturing moths, and (D) A stretching glue droplet after contacting a probe that was subsequently withdrawn at a constant rate. ...the creature lives in cold, dark places is a clan and builds external battery charging stations for itself and others. she is a mapping artist and translates relationships between places into symbols. a moving map. it can tap into a location with its network for years and save any information about it as a code.

The review is of the following genes as well as the humans they might make:
   1. blue cheese (Bchs) Stinky (SnK2) WetNap (Wnp3k)
   2. D.nft, XMT-CYB, MT-CYBo
   3. engoz (from Hook1), Engoz_ph1 Contig
   4. Spike.loc.x1, LOC107439103, AranaMadre Extremo Klattu, MadreAranaXyellow
   5. super repair after sunburn (SuRaS) – from XPA, RAD52

Feel free to go into deep research mode and review the information on these genes uploaded so far but don't leave forms tab before submitting or you may lose your work.

There are also links for optional multimedia uploads.

If you make a folder in the CGCB BioInfo Multimedia Database cloud be sure to enter the name of the folder you create on the CGCB BioInfo Multimedia Database in your CGCB BioInfo Database Entry Form.

Bioart Ethics - CGCB BioInfo Database Entry Form

Bioart Ethics - CGCB BioInfo Multimedia Database:

Bioart Science Fiction - CGCB BioInfo Database Entry Form

Bioart Science Fiction - CGCB BioInfo Multimedia Database:

Bioart Critic - CGCB BioInfo Database Entry Form

Bioart Critic - CGCB BioInfo Multimedia Database: