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EXOglands session.gif

EXOglands radical dynamics: fluid, tissues & bloody self-aware enhancement bionicLAB Another Pechblenda Tentacle: Klau + Pin colaboration

Extreme own-body cognition, Anarchagland (female eyaculation) & male prostate , decolonial anatomy of pleasure. Unveil taboos with DIY biolab techniques, DIT science & medical hacks reverse engineering. A transdisplinary collaboration based on health issues of colectives who have been marginalized by the desensitized treatment of anything deemed promiscuous & contentious. Grassroots sexual politics empowerment.

SOFT CONTROL: Third open call for interdisciplinary projects The duration of the residence will be three weeks, from the 20th of April to the 10th of May 2015

day to day documentation


Virtual discussion chat

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Overview work plan

1ra semana [20-26 abril]

  • setup working place & start construction of basic lab & do betatests
  • parallel recollect and process info & data about the glands

2da semana [27 abril - 3 mayo]

  • visit prostate & uroginecology clinics to be aware of the exams they do and approach they have
  • visit biomedical park for deep investigation about the issue
  • debug the equipment & continue the hacks

3ra semana [4 - 10 mayo]

  • final debug of the lab equipment and develop the mobile format
  • workshop & feedback debate with grassroots communities


  • Increase self-anatomical knowledge trough pleasure & biomedical research
  • Generate accesible tools and technics to enhance sexual health knowledge and practices
  • Generate spaces of visibilities and debate about disident sexualities &health rights of sexworkers
  • Grassroot empowerment against sexual violence, medical institutions' discrimination and stigmatization, and bioselfdefense (HIV tests, pregnancy tests, anticonceptive techniques, menstrual extraction, hormones and alternative pregnancy interruption information)
  • Creation of tools for a basic and functional mobile biolab of diagnosis and check depending of communities needs.

All the process at hackteriaLab wiki as laboratory notebook, editing specific HowTos, writing a narrative article & a scientific paper, generating visual info-graphics, mapping an image web repository with audiolinks to interviews & printing the hole process as a special issue newspaper to spread.


  • basic electronic lab equipment + supplies
  • electronic recycled materials
  • laboratory specimen collection supplies,
  • appropriate webcams to hack them,
  • webmaster support to site,
  • webdomain,
  • access to scientific/academic publications.
  • audio recorder
  • scanner
  • printer (A3 minimum size) and paper

(need from Hangar)


Other spaces to reach

Otehr Networks


Build MobileLABS

Laborio abierto

pink lab love imagenes de los preparativos para la primera sesión Laboratorio Abierto

Laborio abierto

En esta sección iremos añadiendo información a cerca de como se ha ido gestando el laboratorio abierto. Ayer DOMINGO 17 DE MAYO tuvo lugar :

Mobile Lab

Build a full equipment lab & basic mobile one easy to replicate (fluids & blood analysis).

We think on the idea of buildinga mobile lab so We decided to start with the basic equipment that can be usable to make fluids and blood analysis, continue reading to see what and how:

HarDglAm gynepunk devices:




  • interactive mapping, Illustrated howtos, zines


Exocrine Gland: Prostate F/M


Gram stain.png Gram Stain

Materiales ( Laboratorio de Microbiologia )

   Mechero Bunsen o de Alcohol   
   Asa de Siembra o aguja enmangada 
   Muestras bacterianas de origen natural: Yogur, Sarro Dental, Suelo, etc. 
   Aceite de inmersión  
   Soporte de Tinciones 
   Agua destilada 
   Colorantes para Tinción: Solución de cristal Violeta Lugol Safranina  Etanol 95%  



HeLa cells: Henrietta Lacks - her cancer cells, taken without her knowledge, are made immortal and are part of many important medical and scientific discoveries

de-colonize gender healers reconstruction of HIStory. Is the story of HERs

Aa sun 19740517 p021-003.jpg

Remote Node Helvetia

We'll have a parallel gathering with Gaudi, Sachiko, dusjagr and some other friends...

QCM for home diagnostics

We use a hacked TTL crystal to use as a Quartz Crystal Microbalance...

Cristal hack.jpgIMG 20150426 213940.jpg

We'll explore the use of Wild openQCM, a clone of the OpenQCM for various diagnostic tests. Blood coagulation, viscosity of the vaginal mucosa or semen quality.

Some links on blood coagulation:

Vaginal mucosa, detection of ovaluation

Semen motility

OpenTheremin QCM

see more on Wild openQCM

Attaching the Quartz-crystal oscillator to the Open Theremin to make the measurements audible!

See a video here:

IMG 20150506 163818.jpg

Low-Cost Electrochemical Detection

Links to related projects on the wiki and the web