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Baker will be safe and I think fans who stuck with the team through the darkest years will understand how he is different from past QBs. Sophomore slumps are real. It happens because of a combination of how long it takes for an NFL quarterback to develop and the fact teams have tape and entire offseason to game plan.

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Women were not allowed into the magicians' club the Magic Circle until 1991. But as well as being a male dominated industry, there is an extra obstacle in the path of women conjurors the way the minds of those in the audience work. We hear from a researcher from Goldsmiths University of London who has analysed reactions to magicians depending on whether they were women or men..

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Cognitive and practice based approaches to organisational knowledge and learning are typically portrayed as incommensurable, with the result that there has been little positive dialogue between the two traditions. This paper argues that the incompatibility of the two sets of approaches has been overstated and that there is actually much that each can learn from the other. Cognitive approaches, which have often been accused of offering an effectively individualised, static, and representationalist understanding of organisational knowledge, can benefit from taking on board the practice based view of knowledge as historically, culturally, and socially situated.
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