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I was very fortunate to recently purchase this relabeled Squale master. I think this watch is not the models very first iteration but a transitional model from the end of the 60s. The original variation had a bezel with applied indices and curved gap between the lugs instead of the straight design on this watch.

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We should join other cities of the world by allowing ride hailing. No more stalling!Hospital parking fees wrongMost of us care about the patients we bring to hospitals. To be insulted with a parking fee at a time of distress is about the cheapest, conniving thing a hospital can do.

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Well, not sure if Big Island News did this intentionally or not but they seem to be confusing vacation homes with short term vacation rentals. They aren necessarily the same thing and it disingenuous to use the term interchangeably. Vacation homes have existed long before airbnb.

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