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Brochures by the (Art)Science BLR

Here are the .pdf of the publications from the iGEM teams 2009-2012 of (Art)Science BLR Brochures from the iGEM projects: Synthetic Ecology Comic Book Download it here Synthetic Biology for Artists and Designers Handbook Download it here Dirt Download it here Searching for the Ubiquitous Genetically Engineered Machines Dirt More info here Autonomous Public Laboratory […]


(Art)ScienceBLR’s work is at intersection of art-science and pedagogy, creating spaces of dialogue and interaction between artists, designers and scientists. Since 2009, the group has focused on building low-tech laboratories and low cost equipment, making it easier for outsiders to explore the life-sciences. Their work has been awarded prizes and recognition in both the arts […]

Interviews and documentaries on Deutschland Radio

In June 2010, during the visit of Mac Cowell from DIY bio, we were invited to give an interview for Deutschland Radio, talking about DIY bio, Biohacking, DIY microscopy and other topics we love. Susanne Nessler made various high quality documentaries (german only) on these topics, with many more interesting people talking about the subject. […]

Here come the Teenage Gene Poets

We consider ourselves amateurs/novices within the context of the IGEM competition. Our endeavor as “outsiders” is to bring our training in the arts and design to synthetic biology. Over this summer, we learnt the tools and techniques of synthetic biology and developed a piece of life which reflects our concerns, namely, the cultural, ethical and […]