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The size of things

Because we are talking so often about “how big are these beasts?” during the microscopy workshops. embedding this beautiful animation here: Copyright 2012. Magnifying the Universe by Number Sleuth. or another one can be found here. You need a more recent version of Adobe Flash Player.

Sachiko Hirosue

Sachiko Hirosue, Sci.D. is a bioengineer and educator, primarily interested in critical territories where science intersects with society. In practice, this translates to creating alternative spaces in dominant cultures to approach science and technology differently. These intersections have led her in a number of surprising directions, including forays into public health outreach and art festival organization […]

What is biolectronix?

First of all, bioelectronix must be distinguished from bioelectronics; bioelectronics is the emerging science of biomedical technology centred around such devices as ‘lab on a chip’ and implantable neural interfaces. Complex and expensive technologies from the closely guarded and secret world of cutting edge scientific research. Bioelectronix, on the other hand, is the appropriation and development by artists of certain aspects of these technologies in an (generally) open-source and (generally) do-it-yourself environment. Relatively cheap and simple technologies which can be shared, improved and distributed through an open network of users and enthusiasts.


Dr. Marc R. Dusseiller is a transdisciplinary scholar, lecturer for micro- and nanotechnology, cultural facilitator and artist. He works in an integral way to combine science, art and education. He performs DIY (do-it-yourself) workshops in lo-fi electronics and synths, hardware hacking for citizen science and DIY microscopy. He was co-organizing Dock18, Room for Mediacultures, diy* […]