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Cave µ-Safari 2: Jama Mačkovica – Baits & Traps / Vizuaals & Soundzz

On 19-20. Oct 2013 we went out to a new cave, Jama Mačkovica, near Laze, Slovenia, this time equipped with upgraded mobile labs for getting microbial samples, setting up traps for attracting insects, making coffee and chicken and doing VJ and Sound sessions…. How to make simple insect traps Simple plastic (or glass) container, make […]

Urban Ecology meets Artist’s Kitchen

We are currently looking into various urban ecologies in the city of Ljubljana. Together with Dominik Mahnič, creator of the Artist’s Kitchen Youtube series, and friends we will explore various habitats and environments of urban life, and experimenting with traditional recipes for cooking and eating them. It’s curcial to plan and adapt your expeditions due […]