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Reflections on BioSense DuDu – NanoŠmano – ŽiviSistemi 2012

Some reflections from the BioSense DuDu workshop as part of NanoŠmano – LifeSystems / ŽiviSistemi. Paula Pin, together with the NanoŠmano Team, Marc, Romie, Stefan and Bostjan, spent twice 3 hours with some kids in the garden, investigating new ways to sense, interact, play with living things. Timelapse BioSense DuDu NanoŠmano -ŽiviSistemi 2012 from dusjagr […]

NanoŠmano – LifeSystems / ŽiviSistemi

Public art-and-science lab for the nanoscale interface of life and the artificial Umetniski in znanstveni javni laboratorij nanomerilnih vmesnikov za živo in umetno Stefan Doepner, Marc Dusseiller, Boštjan Leskovšek, Romie Litrell, Bengt Sjölén, Paula Pin Lokacija / Location Onkraj gradbišča entrance opposite of Resljeva 32/34, Ljubljana NanoŠmano – LifeSystems | 13.9 – 25. September, 2012 […]

Talk on NanoŠmano at SloNano2011

NanoŠmano vs. wetPONG – Experiences in Outreach and Education at the BioNanoInterface Marc R. Dusseiller 1,2 , Erik Reimhult 3, Špela Petrič ,1,4,8, Gorazd Planinšič 5, Bengt Sjölén 1,6, Urs Gaudenz 1,7, Jurij Krpan 8 1. International Hackteria Society, Switzerland 2. School for Lifesciences, FHNW, Switzerland 3. Dep of Nanobiotechnology, BOKU Wien, Austria 4. Institue […]

Documentary on NanoŠmano by

See the documentary on NanoŠmano – Šmall Matter on Artyčok.TV Art&Science public lab targeted on small scale materials and effects. In the second edition of NanoSmano, Stefan Doepner, Marc Dusseiller, Boštjan Leskovšek, Bengt Sjôlén and Erik Reimhult are starting new explorations into the world of matter on the nanoscale by investigating its physical and aesthetic […]

Interview on Homemade Nano and DIY bio by body pixel

After meeting Deborah Hustic (CR), from body pixel, during the dodo workshops of NanoŠmano – Šmall Matter, we made a nice interview over skype together, sharing virtual glasses of raki and absinthe. Zagreb – Randen connection virtuality. see the interview on the body pixel blog: Interview with Marc Dusseiller from, part 1: On DIYbio […]

NanoŠmano – Šmall Matter

Public art-and-science lab for nanoscale materials and effects Umetniski in znanstveni javni laboratorij za materiale in ucinke najmanjsega merila Stefan Doepner – Marc Dusseiller – Boštjan Leskovšek – Bengt Sjölén – Erik Reimhult Closed now in Ljubljana… Documentary Video documentary from: artyč 21. – 30. April 2011, Mestni trg 15, Ljubljana, Slovenia / Presented by: Kapelica […]

Collaborative Processes on Nano & Bio @ Kapelica

NanoŠmano, NanoPunk and the Hacking of Future open process workshop on nano and micro scale realities in the fields of art Stefan Doepner, Marc Dusseiller, Bostjan Leškovsek Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana, SLO | 20.9 – 1.10.2010 Round-Table Discussion Tuesday, 28. Sep. 2010, 19:00 @ Kapelica, Kersnikova 4/6, Lj Stefan Doepner, Artist, and Dr. Marc Dusseiller, Nanoscientist […]