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Introducing the HEXAtrode 0.1

The HEXAtrode is a DIY approach to making and using the concept of MicroElectrodeArrays (MEA) with an arduino, multiplexing and simple materials. With the goal to be able to measure an array of local electric potentials from living systems (electrically active cells, such as neurons, muscle, plants…) What is Multiplexing The arduino, for example, has […]

“Getting on Plant’s Nerves” workshop at HAIP, Ljubljana, SLO

Hackteria open DIY BIOLAB @ HAIP, 24 – 26 Nov, 2010, Kiberpipa, Ljubljana Collaborative and open workshop on making generic lab equipment for electronic sensing and visual observation of living systems using hacked consumer electronics and simple do-it-yourself methods. Description As a collaboration of Dr. Marc Dusseiller, Nanoscientist/Artist, Dr. Špela Petrič, Biochemist/Artist and Dr. Andrej […]