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Interviews and documentaries on Deutschland Radio

In June 2010, during the visit of Mac Cowell from DIY bio, we were invited to give an interview for Deutschland Radio, talking about DIY bio, Biohacking, DIY microscopy and other topics we love. Susanne Nessler made various high quality documentaries (german only) on these topics, with many more interesting people talking about the subject. […]

New hacks on the optical mouse 2 OLED-screen

I finally got around to test my recently acquired 4D systems OLED 128×128 screen to be used for the optical mouse hacks, developed earlier. With this new system its possible to make a standalone battery powered setup, reading the 16×16 pixel image data from the optical mouse sensor chip and directly displaying it on the […]

Mouse Hacking Workshop @ H.A.C.K. | Budapest

After meeting some people in Budapest, we just organised a short spontaneous workshop on the H.A.C.K. happening this tuesday, 7th Dec 2010. Download files for the workshop here h.a.c.k. workshop

Hackteria talk @ Indonesia Bricolabs

During cellsbutton#04, i was invited for a presentation about the recent developments in the hackteria project. The session was from the Indonesia Bricolabs, innovator presentations, with a radio stream that was followed by several Brico-members in Taganga, Columbia. The session could be followed in IRC chat for Bricolabs. I presented a talk about “Hackability of […]