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Timbil Budiarto

Wine Maker, Coffee Farmer, Artist and AgroChemical Engineer. Lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia Co-Founder of Collaborator of IB:SC, Intelligent Bacteria – Saccharomices Cervisae, with HONF and UGM

DIY Cyber Oechslemeter (Aräometer aka Hydrometer)

An Oechslemeter is a simple instrument to measure the relative density of a liquid. its also called an Aräometer or Hydrometer. The measure of Oechslegrad (degree Oechsle, ° Oe), also “must weight“, is used in the German/Swiss wineculture to specifiy to the sugar content in the fruitjuice, thus the change of the Oechligrad before -> […]