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(Art)ScienceBLR Open House with PCR Workshop

As part of the (Art)ScienceBLR Open House at the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, everyone is busy getting ready for the Open House this Saturday. In the morning, Sachiko will run a Do-It-Yourself DNA Copy Machine (polymerase chain reaction = PCR) workshop. Throughout the day, there will be – kombucha-making in the kitchen […]

Hackteria @ SHARE conference, Belgrade

We are happy to be able to present at this year’s edition of SHARE conference in Belgrade. Scheduled on friday 13:00, is a presentation of hackteria as a project, a framework, a network, a website, an idea. Planned was dusjagr and yashas, but we’ll have maybe a surprise guest, cos visa / yashas issues. Additionally, […]

Hackteria’s Hagen Lectures 2012

Lectures, Saturday 14. April 2012 After an evening of molten cheese eating-frenzy, we continue into the night with a series of spontaneous un-conference like lectures on topics choosen by the people present. Participants: Marc Dusseiller (host) Sachiko Hirosue Urs Gaudenz, GaudiLabs Denisa Kera, DIYbio Singapore,, “fMRI scans & DNA data” Alejo Duque (maybe remote […]

DIYbio article and interview in Neue Zürcher Zeitung

An article in today’s issue of NZZ (4. April 2012 Neue Zürcher Zeitung) gives a nice overview of the amateur biologist scene in LA. The journalist Lena Stallmach visited the people from LA biohackers in their own space/lab (which is currently in boxes, prepared for the move to a bigger space) and describes their working […]

Interviews and documentaries on Deutschland Radio

In June 2010, during the visit of Mac Cowell from DIY bio, we were invited to give an interview for Deutschland Radio, talking about DIY bio, Biohacking, DIY microscopy and other topics we love. Susanne Nessler made various high quality documentaries (german only) on these topics, with many more interesting people talking about the subject. […]

Forum Hackteria @ Dock 18, Zürich | 6-11 April 2010

Finally the first Forum Hackteria will take place this April, 6-11, in Dock18, Zürich. The forum will be a combination of the 4 days hackteria lab, a hackteria show on friday evening and a public hackeria|DIY microscopy workshop on the weekend. For more information visit the hackteria lab wiki Due to an update on the […]

What is biolectronix?

First of all, bioelectronix must be distinguished from bioelectronics; bioelectronics is the emerging science of biomedical technology centred around such devices as ‘lab on a chip’ and implantable neural interfaces. Complex and expensive technologies from the closely guarded and secret world of cutting edge scientific research. Bioelectronix, on the other hand, is the appropriation and development by artists of certain aspects of these technologies in an (generally) open-source and (generally) do-it-yourself environment. Relatively cheap and simple technologies which can be shared, improved and distributed through an open network of users and enthusiasts.

bioelectronix for artists @ CEMA

Date: 24 – 29 July 09 Location: CEMA, Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore Overview The workshop is an experimental make-workshop with multilayered outcome for people interested in DIY-biology, microscopy, sound and simple technological interaction with living microorganisms. Participants will become involved in hacking webcams to be used for live-video microscopy, finding microorganisms […]