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Hackteria @ SHARE conference, Belgrade

We are happy to be able to present at this year’s edition of SHARE conference in Belgrade. Scheduled on friday 13:00, is a presentation of hackteria as a project, a framework, a network, a website, an idea. Planned was dusjagr and yashas, but we’ll have maybe a surprise guest, cos visa / yashas issues. Additionally, […]

Hacked bioLED full instructions

Materials I finally got around of writing a proper instructions for the bioLED hacking workshop. This mini-workshop is great to be done also at clubs, late at night. All you need is some fresh plankton / daphnia cultures, which can be usually purchase in a pet-shop as life food for aquarium fish. Then you need […]

advanced bioLED hacking

Instructions Grind down an LED flat. Add battery and tape it tightly. Mount 4-mm wide tape around the LED to create a dish. Add a drop of fresh pondwater containing daphnia. Various prototype models overview yeah maybe the instructions above is to short 🙂 but it is really super simple. you grind down an LED […]