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MobileKitchenLab Workshop, MicroCells#02, Yogyakarta

Ongoing events this January in Yogyakarta, Indonesia… Microcells #02 Week – “We are the Lab” | 25 – 31 January 2012 Presentations, discussions, HONFablab introduction and closing party… See complete details on the HONF website MobileKitchenLab Workshop | 28 – 30 January 2012 Mentors Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr (CH) – dusjagr labs / hackteria Denisa […]

Hackteria Distillery @ Jaaga, Bangalore

Introduction Hackteria invites you to the Hackteria Distillery@Jaaga at 3.00 p.m on 20th(Tuesday) and 21st(Wednesday), December 2011. The Distillery is a series of hands on workshops, conversations on Do-it-yourself biology, BioHacker’s Lab-in-a-Box, “bioart”, coconuts and building your own Jugaad BioKitchen Lab. Hosted by | Yashas Shetty (IN), Marc Dusseiller (CH), Sachiko Hirosue (CH/JP) Where: […]

Hackteria BioLab Workshop @ I’MM, Zagreb

The best… some impressions on fbook and notes on the wiki From I`MM Hackteria BioLab Workshop, posted by Marc Dusseiller Dusjagr on 10/24/2011 (20 items) Generated by Facebook Photo Fetcher