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New Kresse Shields…. Lab-on-an-Arduino

see dusjagr’s things on thingyverse.

New hacks on the optical mouse 2 OLED-screen

I finally got around to test my recently acquired 4D systems OLED 128×128 screen to be used for the optical mouse hacks, developed earlier. With this new system its possible to make a standalone battery powered setup, reading the 16×16 pixel image data from the optical mouse sensor chip and directly displaying it on the […]

Workshops in Zürich

More detailed information see the hackteria wiki Hackteria DIY Microscopy | Sa & So 12/13 February, 11h – 18h, MechArtLab Zürich Overview/Einführung Through a simple hack, every webcam can be turned into a useful digital microscope, allowing the magnified observation of life forms, analysis of biological motion and form, as well as audio-visual interpretations for […]

Introducing the HEXAtrode 0.1

The HEXAtrode is a DIY approach to making and using the concept of MicroElectrodeArrays (MEA) with an arduino, multiplexing and simple materials. With the goal to be able to measure an array of local electric potentials from living systems (electrically active cells, such as neurons, muscle, plants…) What is Multiplexing The arduino, for example, has […]

Hackteria BioElectronix arduino-clone

Description For the use in various workshops the arduino platform has been proven to be very useful to introduce the participants into simple programming and physical computing. Both as a souvenir and inspiration, we have developed an arduino-clone, which can be soldered by hand in the course of 30 minutes and be kept and used […]