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Hackteria ZET – Open Science Lab in Zürich

Since summer 2020 we have initiated a new local programme in Switzerland under the name «Hackteria – Zentrum für Experimentelle Transdisziplinarität» and we proudly started a new space, as part of Bitwäscherei shared hackerspace collective, with dedicated facilities for the «Open Science Lab».

A laboratory, a social learning space, a place of work and research, a transdisciplinary meeting point for designers, hackers, artist, foodies and fermentation activitists.

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Location: Open Street Map
3. Stock, Alte Zentralwäscherei, ZWZ
(near Bhf Hardbrücke)
Neue Hard 12, 8005 Zürich

Open Science Lab

Making compostable records from bioplastic at the Biodegradable Sound Vol. 1 Workshop

The new lab has already attracted a lot of interests over the last months and a regular programme of weekly meetings, discussion panels and dedicated workshops on life science related topics for artists is being developed. In the time of the pandemic due to COVID-19 and the restrictions on travel and events, we have developed various tools for «hybrid» learning events, combining both the physical lab, streaming video equipment and our online 2D virtual world using the open source software workadventure.

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Hackteria ZET – Research Nodes

Open Science Hardware / DIY Laboratory Instruments

Turn a cheap webcam into a useful microscope? PCR thermocycler made from electronics trash?

Collaborators: Marc Dusseiller, Urs Gaudenz, and the Global Open Science Hardware network

Biofabrication / Growing Garments

Grow your furniture with fungi? Fashion and textiles grown from bacteria?

Collaborators: Kaspar König, Ove Mattmann, Maya Minder, Corinna Mattner, Aline Ochoa, Shih Wei Chieh (施 惟 捷)

Synthethic Biology / Pharming / (Do-It-Yourself) DIY-bio

Can bacteria create the smell of a banana? Yeast cells that produce pharmaceuticals?

Collaborators: Stefan Deuber, Marc Dusseiller, Student Group ZHAW Wädenswil and more

ReproTech & Art / Germline Hacks and Designer Babys

The Creative Germline Constructs Bank (CGCB) and a Generic Open-Source Plasmid for Human Arts (GOSPHA)

Collaborators: Adam Zaretzky (USA), Marc Dusseiller

How to Grow Your Own Meat

Basic skill and infrastructure for tissue culture, growing cells, primary organoids and DIY biosafety cabinets

Collaborators: Marc Dusseiller, Nemo Bleuer

Virtual Tour

Impressions from Setting up the Lab

  1. Christiana Gardikioti on Tuesday 24, 2021

    Would love to open an Open Science Lab in rural Greece …seeking advise, list of what is needed, costs and where can I locate some resources please…..Name list with people interested to help out certainly much appreciated
    MY HQ are located in Paralio Astros Come and expore

  2. Christiana Gardikioti on Tuesday 24, 2021

    Also intetersted in European Union projects together and Financing from Horizon 2020

  3. Nenad Nenadovic on Tuesday 24, 2021

    Hi Team

    My son is looking for some equipment to do his experiment growing Neurons.

    Can someone assist us whit the equipment?

    Thank you in advance.

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