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hackteria visits the [anyma] research week in Fribourg

For the last 7 days a group of 10 artists, researchers and musicians came together on invitation by [anyma] to join the research week “Homemade Labor” at Michi and Maite’s awesome atelier in Fribourg (its an old capacitor factory!).

play the jingle!

The projects ranged from modular video synthesizers, explosive chocolate deserts, DIY drone machines to electroluminescent plant leaves. I personally, took to opportunity to continue on some simple culture methods for fungi and fluorescent bacteria, updated and fixed the NanoKunstFabrik, a audio/visual performance instrument developed during the previous NanoSmano sessions in Kapelica Gallery.

more video impressions can be found the vimeo channel

on my flickr are some impressions of the week and examples of fluorescent fungi sample observed with a hacked PS3 eye cam microscope are below.

NanoKunstFabrik 3.1 Fungi updates and UV


Overview of fungi culture, lighted with UV and lasers, manipulator is part of the NKF

High magnification of fluorescent stuff and fungal mycelium

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