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Hackteria “On Biohacking” in China – Summer 2017

Xi’an Makerfaire 16/17. July

Thanks to Kevin Lau, Makernet, dusjagr was invited to present Hackteria and generally the global biohacking activities during the forum of Makerfaire Xi’an, 15 & 16. July 2017, in China.

Great to see how a new and growing interest in DIY lab-tools is spreading. We met a local young student from Xi’an who works on a version of a low-cost PCR and had great discussion with Bethan who presented their BentoLab also at the faire. The faire also held an exhibition from various students in MediaArts schools, where one installation featured a series of sonification experiments on ants, snails, flies and other beasts, and during the Make Fashion show our friend Li Yu | 李 璵 – Crazy Pulsar presented her recent interests in making sci-fi clothing, still dreaming of extending the proto-fashion-types with some living material.

BlitzVisit to Shenzhen, 3/4. August

Visit to SZOIL

Great discussions with David Li, finally being able to visit the Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab (SZOIL), after years of discussing on how to start a biolab in a fablab.

Thanks to Vivi we got this funny review on dusjagr’s activities now on the wechat web.

虽然我们关于 crispr 基因编辑技术的工作坊已经结束,接下来还有更多值得期待的生物主题的工作坊。比如…… 先不告诉你们,大家可以根据下面的照片来猜猜下期工作坊的主题。

Visit to X-Factory

Dusjagr talks about Coconuts at X-Factory, Shenzhen,

Mini-Version of HTEAA in Xi’an

“How To Eat (Almost) Anything – Xi’an edition. But just beginner’s level, no scorpions found 🙁 to be continued…”

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