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Hackteria goes “Gangnam Style” – Seoul 2019

Thanks to an invitation by our colleague Prof. Kwanwoo Shin, who helped us out with some labware for the “BYOP” and has regular projects in Yogyakarta, dusjagr could spend a couple of days in Seoul, presenting at the ODA conference formerly known as the 10th International Conference on Appropriate Technology. While the topics was “Regional Common Prosperity by Science and Technology” and many politicians and other “big shots” where present, we hope to have shown other alternative and grassroot formats of transdisciplinary collaborations, temporary labs, hackteria style prototypes, open science hardware and make a point that in all human activitiy art has to be involved.

Welcome dinner with Prof. Kwanwoo, Mariela Machado (E4C) and surprise guest Toru and Ilda, our partners for upcoming activity in Okinawa

“Hackteria | Open Source Biological Art” – Transdisciplinary Approaches Bridging Digital- and Biotechnologies
During the 10 years of we have established a global network and online knowledge base enabling practitioners from diverse backgrounds to experiment with life science methodologies, from laboratory biology and genetics to environmental monitoring or fermentation. We have explored methods of collaboration, established in the early internet culture, such as hackathons or docusprints as offline physical face-to-face production sessions, as well as online tools for co-writing text-based instructions and lab notes. In this talk, I will give an overview of how our DIWO (Do-It-With-Others) method has lead to highly innovative projects, low-cost laboratory infrastructures, playful and critical prototypes, new workshop methods embracing a radically transdisciplinary approach to bridge the arts and the sciences.

During the upcoming days dusjagr was exploring the city, having a lot of bbq pork and soju and meet-up with the local maker- and biolab scene.

Visitin BioLab Seoul, situated in the middle of the nice and still thriving hardware / small factory district of Euljiro-3, sharing the facility with the Fablab Seoul and other communities
Itewon, BBQ and Soju… Gangnam Style!!

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