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DIY microscope webcam for Visual in Senja Art performance

In end of January, lifepatch are invited to participate in Senja Art Exhibition. The organizer asked us to do a workshop and performance for this event. From lifepatch, manticore (Iyok), Joan Prahara Bumi and me did a little jamming session for the session, with Dusjagr joining us for the fun with his classic DIY instruments 😀

closing performance KPY 2013 - akbar on microscope asik

tips: Always put a good microbiologist picture on your DIY Microscope Webcam

This performance was more of having a good quality time with big speakers and good projection. We all sat in the center of the exhibition room and sets our instruments there. Dusjagr and me playing some noise and jamming while enjoying the visuals made by Joan Prahara Bumi and manticore (Iyok). Joan was using the DIY Webcam Microscope as a VJ-ing tools, visualizing microorganisms using some water samples we gathered arround lifepatchHQ. Iyok process the visuals for the projection, giving some nice and geeky visuals. Marc and me? well we mostly just having fun with our own sound instruments.

Senja Opening - squaresolid, dusjagr, manticore, joan prahara


* Read this post on andreas siagian’s blog [>>link<<]. Thanks Ferial Afiff and Wawies Wisnu Wisdantio for the nice photo documentation. 🙂

  1. ahfi rizqi fajrin on Sunday 10, 2013

    good stuff

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