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Après-GOSH! and Coconuts @ a.n.y.m.a.

As an follow up program of GOSH! 2016, Gathering for Open Science Hardware, we have invited the remaining participants to join us for a few more days of hacking and sharing to the a.n.y.m.a. studio in Fribourg. Thanks to Michi for letting us use the studio!

Alternativ Coconut Research @ a.n.y.m.a, Fribourg, Switzerland – March 6th – 9th

DIY and maker gathering in the a.n.y.m.a. studio in Fribourg. Co-Development of low-cost devices for education and play using attiny and other microcontrollers. Continuation of ongoing developments on the CocoMake7, a jugaad and low-cost educational platform for digital interactivity, compatible with Makey Makey (TM), using QTouch ADC and Attiny84. And 8Bit MixTapes… depending on the number of people, we could do some spontanous self-teaching courses on other tools for open science hardware.

sleeping places are provided
fully equipped maker lab, etching facility, tool shop, sound system
one of the core meeting points of the Swiss DIY scene… since 2006!
small donations for beer and food


How to get there, see on gmaps:
[ a n y m a ]
Route de la Fonderie 8c
1700 Fribourg

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