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more experiments with the BubbleBots

After our first experiments with the BubbleBot at the NanoŠmano lab and evening a playful experimentation we had to look more into them. So Robertina and dusjagr met for NanoBRKFST at dusjagr labs II, this time we got the right concentration of H2O2 and were ready to rock the nanorockets.

see some of our experimentations on the wiki…

First sighting of the NanoBots, thanks to Samuel for sending them over. They are made of coiled up thin multilayers of metal sheets, they are magnetic due to one of the iron layers and they can make bubbles because the inner layer of the tube is made out of platinum, thus generating bubbles when immersed in a 10-15% H2O2 solution…. and we like bubbles!

BubbleBot passing long Bubbler from dusjagr on Vimeo.

More experiments at the NanoBRKFST….

Thanks go to to Dr. Samuel Sanchez Ordonez for providing the artificial nanomachines aka tubular nano-rockets aka BubbleBots.

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