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HackteriaLab2011 in progress

Tuesday 1st August (Swiss National DAy) – HackteriaLab2011 day 4:

Nestling in the picturesque foothills of the Jura mountains, the sleepy village and monastery of Romanmotier is witnessing the combined weirdness of about 30 artists, hackers, scientists and others that refuse to be classified. Across three large workspaces on two floors people are building magnetic stirrers from computer fans, PCR machines from hairdryers, XY plotters from computer hard drives, microscopes from webcameras, bat detectors, and more. In the garden PCBs are etched that will become microbial theremins or amplifiers, others carve wooden cases for solar powered data loggers and further out by the waterfall a hydrophonic AV performance is slowly taking shape. In every corner are workshops, discussions and presentations as people continually inform, motivate and inspire each other. A rolling program of impromptu skills exchanges complements the spontaneous occurrences that are a feature of the lab.

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