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Fostering Duckweed – From Urine to Protein, by Baggenstos/Rudolf

Last friday, 1 July 2016, was the cooking show of Baggenstos/Rudolf as part of Donate to Curate in Zurich. Their project Fostering Duckweed – From Urine to Protein investigates the use of natural plants for food/nutrition using their own urine as fertilizer, alternative food-strategies and bio-hacking methodologies.


Over the last months Andreas & Heidy have intensively research and grown huuuuuuge amounts of duckweed, also known as Wasserlinsen (DE) or Chrottechröös (CH). Nicely described on the hackteria wiki and their website.


And nice to see some claaaassic collaborators within the hackteria network, Kaspar König, who collaborated on the first ever hackteria workshop back in 2009 at NK, Berlin and Cedrik, spontanous vistor and collaborator during HackteriaLab 2014 – Yogyakarta.


Installation in Das Fabrikutop, Brunnen SZ
In an old factory building in Brunnen, Das FabrikUtop, the installation was even more impressive! Rowing through a piece of bioart and eating it afterwards… just perfect!

rowing through edible bioart

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  1. Adam on Sunday 3, 2016

    What benefit is there to growing duckweed with urine vs consuming it directly? Extra carbohydrates via photosynthesis and rearranging proteins?

    I use urine as fertilizer and it’s remarkable. But there also seems to be benefit from direct consumption, so not sure which route is best.

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