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DIY Plankton Nets, some experiences…

We have recently explored some simple DIY methods for making your own plankton nets. See more info about various methods for microbe hunting on the wiki-page “The Art of Hunting”

According to some tips from Brandon Ballangée and Brian Degger, we found some great and cheap methods. Primarily relying on different mesh in stockings/panty hoses aka “Strumpf” you can filter out the right sizes of plankton. The little container at the end of the net is very practical to accumulate all the larger stuff that doesnt get through the mesh and can then easily be replaced and sealed with a new lid to take the samples further. We used clean urine-sample puts from the drug-store, approx 15 Cents, stockings ( 50 Cents), cheap wire and steal band ( 30 Cents), a cheap thread/rope and some hot glue… total cost is less than 2 €, compared to 150 €, it’s quite good! The stockings dont last to long though and tend to get holes quite quickly.

Always remember to bring maaaannnnyyy extra contrainers with you on a field-trip. there cant be enough! And a waterproof marker-pen!

See more impressions from our first Strumpf-PlanktonNet-Making session in BioTehna



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