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DIY microscopy stage kit – Indonesian clone

A while ago, Urs Gaudenz made Hackteria’s Laser-cuts Microscopy Stages and sent 2 of these kits to Indonesia. One of the kit ended up in UGM Microbiology Lab – Faculty of Agriculture and the other one ended up in lifepatch. Titarubi, a fellow friend of us in Indonesia noticed our activities geek-ing around with DIY microscope and asked us to build one for her to use for workshops with children. It was all so sudden and we don’t have much time to ship one kit from Swiss. So we decided to build one manually, cloning on the Hackteria’s Laser-cuts Microscopy Stage design. I love this design it is simple, practical and stable.

DIY microscope stage kit -Indonesia clone - PS3eye on the stage

I accepted Titarubi’s request as I also wanted to learn how to make one. I neve actually built one stable stage and this is the perfect time to do it because I have to meet the demand of the request. I have some acrylic leftover lying around at lifepatch house so I decided to use it as the main material. I like the PS3eye webcam as it is very reactive and capable working with low light intensity, so I ordered one from kaskus online.

DIY microscope stage kit -Indonesia clone - acrylic bending

As you probably already know from the tutorial from Hackteria, DIY microscope webcam is a simple hack inverting a webcam’s lens to get 100-400x magnification which enable you to see the invisible (from the naked eye) micro-organisms. I received some tips and guidance from Dusjagr on hacking the PS3Eye since he have much more experience in working with it.

DIY microscope stage kit -Indonesia clone - PS3Eye

Radix Nugroho from Otakatik Creative Workshop build most of the stage clone manually. He’s very good in craftsman and able to work with delicate materials such as acrylics. Following Hackteria’s design with a few customization, we’re set and build the Indonesian clone version of Hackteria’s laser-cut microscopy stage kit. We learned from making and building, so we might probably build our own version pretty soon.

DIY microscope stage kit -Indonesia clone - The real one and the clone

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