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Cheese (Keju) Making Experiments in Yogya

After our recent Cheese experiments on Randen, Switzerland, we are currently developing our Cheese making workshop concept event further. This time we try various protocolls that should work in a tropical climate in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. More and more the story is developing of using the cheese making as a metaphor to discuss general topics of biotechnology, synthetic biology and global patenting and IP in the food industry. See some notes about our idea of an Open Cheese on the wiki.

Stay tuned for an upcoming workshop in Cheese making in Yogya soon!


A fact that is not so known is that the main ingredient to make cheese, the so called rennet, an enzyme called chymosin (in german it’s called “Lab”), is nowadays primarily made using recombinant genetic technology, a great innovation and very efficient way to produce the enzyme in a cell factory, such as bacteria, yeasts or most commonly the fungis aspergillus niger.

The product is called FPC, fermentation produced chymosin, sometimes termed vegetarian rennet, as it is not as originally extracted from slaughtered calf-stomach. It was the first product of a GMO accepted by the US food and drug administration, FDA. It is also one of the few GMO products registered in Switzerand since 1988, and it does not need to be labelled.


“Giving it another try to make my own cheese here at lifepatch. This time I found proper fresh milk, pasteuriized, some Bio Kul yoghurt like starter culture and the still have loads of the rennet I brought from Switzerland.”

From Cheese (Keju) Making Experiments in Yogya. Posted by Marc Dusseiller Dusjagr on 3/04/2014 (32 items)

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