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SRCE (Croatian word for Heart )

Live biomechatronic heart, grown with a help of Gluconacetobacter xylinus bacteria.
This technology is applicable for growing of “real” human organs (as a scaffold for growing them).

Material: As a material for growing of SRCE, microbial cellulose is used. Microbial cellulose is an experimental bio-material, grown in a bioreactor using Gluconacetobacter xylinus bacteria. As a bacterial grow medium, experimental mixture made of household “chemicals” was used.

Process of making: Live microbial cellulose, that contains living bacteria was cut, shaped and sewn in a shape of real human heart (several layers, 4 internal chambers). Live microbial cellulose was used because as a living tissue it has regenerative ability (tiny holes that where byproduct of sewing where completely regenerated in a period of 2 days). Bioreactor that contained SRCE is filled with diluted growth medium, which enables regeneration and keeps tissue alive (but does not enable larger growth).

Application: Even though SRCE does not contain living cells of human heart muscles, it can be used as a scaffold for them and by doing that theoretically grow replacement human heart (and other organs) relatively cheap and fast.
In a world leading biomedical laboratories, scientists experiment with growing of human replacement organs, and theorize about this process. Experiments with microbial cellulose as a bio-compatible material for adhesive bandages are being conducted.
If author collects enough funding for future research…. we will grow replacement organs at every home 🙂

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