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Cave µ-Safari 2: Jama Mačkovica – Baits & Traps / Vizuaals & Soundzz

On 19-20. Oct 2013 we went out to a new cave, Jama Mačkovica, near Laze, Slovenia, this time equipped with upgraded mobile labs for getting microbial samples, setting up traps for attracting insects, making coffee and chicken and doing VJ and Sound sessions….


How to make simple insect traps
Simple plastic (or glass) container, make a hole in the lid, approx 1-2 cm2, put some bait, dig it into the ground/soil, make sure it’s directly accessible for little crawlers.
We tested different baits, we heard the stinky ones work best and tried with some fish from the market (sardine, maybe too fresh) and some french cheese.

from H. S. Barber “Traps for Cave-Inhabiting Insects”

When placing them in the cave it’s a good idea to mark the position with some kinda beacon/flag to make sure you find them again… cos the cave can look veeeery similar in many places.

Sadly we didn’t catch any insects overnight, ca 16 hours. It seems the traps need to be left much longer… next time we should leave them around 3-4 weeks.

Microbial Cave-Culture plates
We prepared low-nutrient agar plates and slant cultures with small quantities of yeast extract or peptone, to try to investigate the microbial life in the cave, and testing different culture condition of the collected samples back in the BioTehna lab. We set up a simple “artificial cave”, mimicking the environmental conditions we found in Mačkovica, (8-9° C, high humidity, no light at all)

Cavestayle Chicken

Moss VJ / Sound Session

Turbidity BugVJ session outside Mačkovica from dusjagr on Vimeo.

Bug Hunting near Mačkovica from dusjagr on Vimeo.

In the middle of the nature outside of the cave, we explored new VJ and Sound tools from our mobile labs. This video shows the hackteria turbidity meter, connected to PD for sounds, while filming into the cuvette containing a variety of insects, bugs and worms collected in the surrounding.

more about the trubidity meter can be found on the hackteria wiki:

Using the Babygnusbuino based Turbiditymeter to make sound with bugs also involves some bug-hunting

We used the DIY turbidity meter (aka Daphnia-2-MIDI converter)

Dominik Mahnič aka sdgtr4, camera
Mojca Založnik, microbiology
Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr, biohacking
Matija Lesnjak, cooking
Clau Cajacob, politics

Thanks to Urs Gaudenz for the MobileLab, modded into an offgrid VJ-tool.

More info
Meet-up event page
Cave µ-Safari wiki

“See more on hackteria:”

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