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pechblenda lab

[PECHBLENDA] –> TransHackFeminist

actual members:
pin, klau and julito

we are happy to announce the new interdisciplinarity lab PECHBLENDA that is growing up 50 Km out of Barcelona in a big hack comunity called Calafou (

a small introduction of the actual members:

as a performer and resercher; my work ranges from drawing to abstract video to circuit bending to investigations at the frontiers of biology, art and queer science.

Energy inspired installations in wich try to manipulate materials and light to reveal new perspectives on the world in which we live. Questioning the boundary between science fiction and fact, much of my work investigates a broad range of subject matter relating to natural phenomena such as bioelectricity, bioluminescence, geochemistry and the cosmos.

In 2011 I got a grant from Vida to develop the idea of Photosinthetik Symphony, ­ data from sensors attached to plants and body generating sound. The project continues development as an hybrid between gender­tech­nature in a sense of tactical biopolitics. This experience of investigation led me deeper into science, especially biology, and led me to rework her artistic practise both conceptually and materially. In 2012 I was invited to a residence in Nuvem, a rural hack lab centre in Brasil, to develop this work, focussing especially on photosynthesis and sound.

Sound, or, more specifically noise, is for me an almost utopian promise of opening, containing all possibles and going beyond the social constructions that elements like tone and rythmn impose.

This has led me to experiment with building synthesisers – often worn on her body ­ and Pure Data patches for performance. I was performed at the Piksel festival in 2011 with TransNoise and in Brasil in 2012 with Fernando Macedo y Tiago Rubini under the name Postformance.

As my interest in the relationship with nature grows, and influenced by thinkers such as Michael Marder or Karen Barad, I has begun to occupy laboratory spaces and hack the performativity of science. In Sept 2012 I took part, with Hackteria, in the nanosmano life project in Ljubljana where I participated in the investigation of cells, solar panels and other microscopic dispositives as well as giving workshops.

This activity of workshops, sharing her knowledge and spreading the ethic of DIY and open technology, is an integral part of my practise.

Plants, micoorganisms alternative energy, the laboratory, have led me to see the body in a new sense, integrated into a complex mesh of interactions which promise a new transversal function for her work, blurring the distinctions between machine, animal and plant.IMG_5503

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