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Gjino Šutić [Biotweaker]  & UR Institute

Gjino Šutić
Independent interdisciplinary researcher, from Croatia.
Conducts research in the several fields of science, such as;    all fields of biology, medicine, engineering, electronics, neurology, nanotechnology etc. with an emphasis on DIY biotechnology & bioelectronics.
He designs and makes (DIY) necessary research instruments.

Invented the concept of Biotweaking (improvement of living organisms or their components
to exhibit and use their full potential) which fully defines his philosophy and work.

In the year 2012.he joins I’MM_Media Lab and he begins to exhibit his scientific work to the public-
inventions and innovations such as; SRCE , BOCA, MeBUMZ etc.
Leads BIOsection – educational project, where he lectures & conducts workshops.

In the year 2013. he founded Universal Reaseach Institute UR.
He is also, one of the founders of Croatian makerspace Radiona.

He combines scientific work and uses artistic representation for the demystification of science and for bringing it closer to ordinary citizens.

Facebook:  Biotweaking

UR Institute

[ Universal Research Institute UR ]
is  NGO institute for independent & interdisciplinary scientific research.
It was founded to promote free and independent scientific research and development of innovations.

The main areas of research conducted at UR institute are several fields of life sciences such as;
all areas of biology & medicine and also research in cutting edge fields of science
such as bioelectronics & nanotechnology.

It’s goal is to provide an environment for citizens to develop their innovation,
especially those which can benefit the mankind.

UR Institute supports & promotes; DIY culture, freedom of knowledge & learning and culture of science.

Facebook:   UR Institute

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