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BioTehna – New initiatives in Ljubljana, Slovenia

We are happy to announce the start of our new initiative – BioTehna, a collaboration of hackteria | Open Source Biological Art and Kaplica Gallery. BioTehna is a platform for interdisciplinary research on life sciences and a series of workshops for youngsters and students, each mentored by expert/s in a specific scientific field. Create and research with us!

BioTehna temporary laboratory in Kiberpipa, Nov – Dec 2012
BioHacking_cyberpipe_webFrom November onwards, we will start to set up an open laboratory for BioTinkering in one of the “aquariums” of Kiberpipa, the hackerspace next door to the Kapelica Gallery. As a meeting space for bio-geeks, bioartists, tinkerers and educators, it is open to everybody who is interested in developing new DIYbio projects, work on artistic prototypes, share ideas and instructions or just learn from the experts that are active in the lab. The laboratory infrastructure will be set up and increased by the participation of all enthusiast coming to the new labspace.

Workshop: BioElectronix for Artists and Geeks – dusjagr, 7, 12 & 12. November 2012
BioElectronix_LJThis workshop on BioElectronix for Artists and Geeks will introduce the participants into the very basics of electronics and simple circuits to be used to measure, amplify and control a living environment, sensing and actuating for biological applications, simple programming of Arduino compatible, cheap microcontrollers aka BioCheapuino. During three evening sessions we will go step-by step through these topics. Activities around the topic of BioElectronix has since the foundation of hackteria helped many artists getting a foot into the DIY methods dealing with biology and enabling them to make and construct their own artistic works. Dr. Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr is a transdisciplinary scholar, expert in BioNanoInterfaces and DIY enthusiast.

Workshop: Brain Hacking – Antony Hall, 24. November 2012
GogglesThis workshop, lead by Antony Hall, will explore low-fi methods of ‘brain hacking’, using sound and light, to create hallucinatory effects, tactile and visual ques to trick our minds into thinking parts of our body have transformed or moved. Participants become experimental subjects investigating extra-perception, electro-physiology and ‘body as electrical image’ key concepts in Enki project, which will be exhibited in Kapelica Gallery at the time. Our perception of the world is shaped by our expectations and assumptions, as well as by our sensory systems. As an introduction we will talk about sensory systems in animals, owls and electric fish for example, before talking about human perception and how it can be tricked.

Mini-Symposium on Workshopology, 23 – 25. November 2012
IMG_2730Having the opportunity to host such an enthusisastic workshopologist as Antony Hall and his tabletop experiments we will invite other experts of playful science experimentation and artistic interpretations. For this edition of the workshopology symposium, an initiative started during KIBLIX 2011, Maribor, we are looking forward to inspiring discussions, sharing of experiences in performing workshops, comparing different models of hands-on-activities and looking into best-practices to empower a young generation to get involved in creativity, scientific curiosity and artistic expressions. Call for participation will be issued shortly.

Kids-Workshop: BioCyberKidzz, Monika Pocrnjić et al, 27. November 2012, Maribor
800px-BioCyberKidzzHacking the human body has become commonplace and many people have body modifications such as tattoos, piercings or even advanced medical prosthetics. Simple and playful body hacks that allow enhancing our human performance can be made with just few and cheap materials, such as cardboard, magnets and LEDs. The BioCyberKidzz workshop is a playful laboratory setting, where we will investigate with the children: hearing with a Bio-Acoustics Ear and hacking their touch perception by the Magnetic Finger or a Disco-on-a-Fingertip. The workshop is part of the Soft Control exhibition, 14. Nov – 15. Dec, organized by Kibla, Maribor.

Artist-Lecture “Kapitän Biopunk” by Julian “Togar” Abraham, tba mid of December 2012
Selection_006Muhammad Hidayat a.k.a Julian Togar Abraham is media artist, musician, programmer, scientist-wannabe and social researcher, who he dedicated his life from 2006 – 2011 to HONF, The House Of Natural Fiber, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Words like manipulating, decomposing, degenerating and dematerializing are often used to identify his work. Connecting one thing to another, expressed in complex algorithm, gave him the experience in how art, the environment, science and technology relate to one another providing new tools to educate and engage both him and the society into a wiser, richer and more independent living being in a world of creation and annihilation. He will give a performative lecture on his recent independent activities as “Kapitän Biopunk” from fermentation to Karma Wine and Micro-Satellite Incubators. Furthermore we will have a joint workshop dusjagr & Togar “BioHacking vs BioPunk” at I’MM, Zagreb.

Outlook 2013
Stay tuned for more activities coming up in winter and spring 2013: algae hacking and DIY microscopy workshops, BioVJ-ing sessions, symposium and hands-on activities on SoftBots, WetBots & NanoBots, workshops on mobile and wearable laboratories and much more…

BioTehna is a part of KiiCS project / Knowledge Incubation in Innovation and Creation for Science, supported by European Commission / 7th Framework Programme and the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union.

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