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BioPunk: Feed Food Fermentation | 31. March, Shedhalle Zurich

We have several invited guests coming through Zurich and are hosting a day of experimentation and discussions in Shedhalle. Hackteria has always been focusing strongly 2 things: the development of new workshop concepts and establishing a global collaborative network. With this in mind we have planned a series of research visits by interesting practitioners working in the field of bioart, new media, food & fermentation culture. The goal of these visits is to establish a collaborative interaction phase with local artists from Switzerland (mostly in Zurich) and invite a public audience for interesting interactions.

Schedule: Sunday 31. March 15 – 22h

Find more info on the wiki

Impressions & Photos (by Axel Crettenand)

Invited Guests

Alanna Lynch (CA/DE)

TeZ aka Maurizio Martinucci (IT/NL)

Ákos Maróy (HU/CH)

Maya Minder (CH/KR)

Rudolf/Baggenstoss (CH)

Corinna Mattner (CH)

jb aka µon (FR)
µon (mu-on)

This workshop / research-visit series is part of our 2019 Hackteria Decenniale Programme co-funded by Migros Kulturprozent. Thanks to Shedhalle for hosting us and Utopiana for sharing resources to invite our guests.

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