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Andy Gracie, London -1967, is an artist working between various disciplines including installation, robotics, sound, video and biological practice. The work he produces is situated between the arts and the sciences, creating situations of exchange between natural and artificial systems which allow new emergent behaviours to develop.

His work has been shown in many exhibitions across the UK and in France, Spain, USA, Japan, Mexico and Australia including special commissions for new works from the Arnolfini in Bristol, Organismos in Barcelona and AV06 in North East England. He has also exhibited at ISEA, Artbots, Radar, Ars Electronica and at the Capital of Culture robotic exhibitions as part of Lille2004.

He has aslo presented at numerous conferences and seminars internationally including Transmediale (Berlin) , Dias de Bioarte (Barcelona), Rules of Engagement (York), Open Friday (Barcelona), AV06 (Middlesborough) and FLAIRS (Florida).

His work has received honourable mentions from VIDA (2007) and Ars Electronica (2007).

He has written and had published a number of articles and papers including Aminima magazine, the journal of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence and the catalogue for Break2.3 in Slovenia.

Alongside this work he has been involved in and continues to provide a range of teaching, lecturing and workshop activities internationally and is a member of the DRU research group at the University of Huddersfield.

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  4. Tomek Sysak on Friday 31, 2009


    My name is Tomek Sysak, and I’m a writer for the Arts and Science Journal in Ottawa, Canada.

    I’m curious to learn about biohacked art, and I wanted to speak to the creators of this site.

    Could we chat sometime. By phone or Skype?

    At Arts and Science Journal we write about how arts can illuminate insights into natural sciences, and I find your stuff really interesting.


  5. […] a webplatform and collection of Open Source Biological Art Projects instigated in February 2009 by Andy Gracie, Marc Dusseiller and Yashas Shetty, after collaboration during the Interactivos?09 Garage Science […]

  6. […] le projet dont le thème était « l’astrobiologie de garage », mené par l’artiste Andy Gracie. Afin de construire nos propres outils low-tech pour étudier la vie dans l’espace, il entendait […]

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