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“Playing With Life” – Article about wetPONG and biotic games

skype_interview_bioticGamesThe article by Marni Usheroff about biotic games, wetPONG and general discussion about the use of lifeforms in play has finally been published. I, dusjagr, was happy to speak through skype with her, explaining the history of the wetPONG course I did at FHNW since 2008, which is where the whole DIY microscopy started, even before we started the hackteria website.

“Especially in the field of nanotechnology, you wouldn’t expect to do this kind of trashy do-it-yourself setup for practical teaching,” Dusseiller says between drags of a cigarette. “But that’s my style … I think the idea of the game was very fruitful for inspiring the students — instead of just giving them simple measuring tasks in a lab course, which is usually done using expensive equipment, to find out something that’s already known.”

Read the full article here.

  1. […] Seems they invited fablabs from all over the world to join (and pay) for this first prototype edition of a new class. The topics range from hard-core synthetic biology to engineering the human microbiome, aswell as tissue engineering and how to make biotic games, wetpong style. […]

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