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OPEN BIOLOGY – Rebels or profiteers? Science 1 August 2014

Stefano Golinelli and Luc Henry (Hackuarium) just wrote a nice review about Delfanti’s book, in Science, 1 August 2014

And nice image of Zack‘s poster… (Center for Genomic Gastronomy)

The Politics of Open Science Alessandro Delfanti Pluto Press, 2013

“Open,” the new black of political controversy, has become ubiquitous in contemporary debates surrounding scientific practices. Just as software activists managed to free information technologies from the realms of academia and industry, today some biologists believe their science would have a larger impact if carried out in the open. However, most scientists still have a narrow conception of where the “open revolution” comes from and what it means.

What does “open science” have in common with, for example, “open access,” “open-source,” “open data,” or “open innovation”? Probably less than what billionaire scientist-entrepreneur Craig Venter shares with Italian virologist Ilaria Capua or do-it-yourself (DIY) hobbyists who carry out biotech experimentations in their garage. In Biohackers, Alessandro Delfanti considers the activities of hobbyists, Venter, and Capua to explore the transformations that postgenomic biology has brought to scientific practices and the impact of information technologies on the life sciences.

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