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DIY Vulcanology | Genung Kelud Ashfall in Yogyakarta

Love and shelter to the people from Mt. Kedul!

Abu Gunung Kelud – Snowing Ash in Yogya from dusjagr on Vimeo.

icap_ash_poopOn 13.2.2014 Gunung Kelud erupted eplosively spreading a cloud of ash all over from east to central Java after a few hours. Suprised by the ashfall in early morning in Yogakarta… it’s not snow. And slowly starting to clean up again.

So we had loads of time staying indoors at lifepatch lab, experimenting with the ash, making pink balloons and exploring the microscopic and culinary properties of the ash (abu).

DIY Vulcanology – Part #1: Magnetism
We started our explorations with the DIY microscopes and whatever we find lying around in the lifepatch lab.

DIY Vulcanology – Part #2: Testing the Dust-Masks
This time we are looking into the quality of these dust masks and how they filter the the dust from entering your lungs. And we compare it to the commonly used T-shirt method.

DIY Vulcanology – Part #3: Volcanic Ash Nanoparticle Soup
And after a few days of feeding on mie goreng and DIY Swiss-Indo Homemade Burger, we needed to test some new recipes…

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