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BrainHacking vs. Larry’s Tattoo Show @ SURVIVE!garage, Yogyakarta


PEN_8669As part of our Pre-Phase for HackteriaLab 2014 – Yogyakarta we were doing a joint session with Larry Bang Bang aka Roman Mäder, hosted by SURVIVE!garage. For the start of Larry’s series of shows, collaborative murals and performances, we joined Larry’s Tattoo Show and did a small BrainHacking workshop. We used the circuit developed during Tony Hall’s µ-Residency in BioTehna, and modified to fit the event. A simple oscillator for blinking two LEDs at Theta-Hertz brain-frequencies can generate myriads of illusionary patterns…


Larry’s Tattoo Show @ SURVIVE!garage

Sex Ducks Rock n Roll // After Movie from RARtv on Vimeo.

Tattoo Show, Art Exhibition, Mural, and Music Performance.

21 February 2014

"Larry's Tattoo Show" (CH) –
"DIY Body-Hacking" Mini Workshop by

Opening Exhibition and Mural Painting.
Roman Maeder (CH)
OnyenHO (ID)
RedotEbe (ID)

Music : Mercer Supreme (Boombox Cartel "WTF is Festival Trap" Remix)
Camera & Editor : RARtv

Partners and Support
Thanks to all local partners, who made this event happen! Special thanks to Bayu Widodo, SURVIVE!, for giving us access to this great venue and connecting to all the interesting collaborators.


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