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HSC#4 | 18. August 14 |  Postapocalyptic Water Design – Marc Böhlen @ Corner College, Zürich

The HSC – Hackteria Swiss Curriculum, a series of talks/presentations aiming to discuss openly the multitudes of bio art | sci | tec and related practices is a cooperation of Hackteria and Corner College, Kochstrasse 1, 8004 Zürich. Find map here.
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HSC#4: RealTechSupport presents: Postapocalyptic Water Design
Date: 18.08.2014 – 20h
Main Speaker: Marc Böhlen (CH) – RealTechSupport
Additional Guest: Sachiko Hirosue (JP/CH) on BIO-DESIGN for the REAL WORLD
Moderator: Boris Magrini (CH), curator and art historian

This presentation will describe recent projects in experimental resource management that combine technical and urban interventions. In particular the care of ecreational and essential water resources will be addressed through a discussion of WaterBar, a system that creates mineralized water in response to bad water news and WaterBank, a water analysis and fresh water distribution system designed for the Terban district of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Artist-Engineer Marc Böhlen aka RealTechSupport offers the kind of support technology really needs. Böhlen designs and builds information processing systems that critically reflect on information as a cultural value. His projects derive qualitative potential from the realm of quantitative information and query the relationship between people and automation systems in fundamental ways. Böhlen is currently on faculty at the University at Buffalo, Department of Media Study and the School of Architecture.

RealTechSupport Homepage

Marc Böhlen / RealTechSupport präsentiert: Wasser, Stadt, Katastrophe

Der Künstler präsentiert zwei neue Projekte zum Thema Ressourcen Design, Urbanität und Biosensorik. Bei WaterBar geht es darum, zukünftige Szenarien von öffentlichem Trinkwasserangeboten zu erproben. Bei WaterBank hingegen geht es darum, mittels Biosensorik Wasserverseuchung frühzeitig zu erkennen und zugleich alternative Trinkquellen anzubieten. Eine erste Version von WaterBank wurde kürzlich in Terban, Yogyakarta, Indonesien gebaut.

Marc Böhlen ist Künstler-Ingenieur und bietet technologischen Support; jenen Support, den Technologie dringend benötigt. Marc Böhlen unterrichtet am Department of Media Study und der School of Architecture an der Universität Buffalo. Weitere Informationen:

BIO-DESIGN for the REAL WORLD is an interdisciplinary and collaborative research project to define, build, and field-test prototypes that require the integration of wetware, hardware, and software to address real world water problems.
The project is a partnership between (Art)ScienceBLR with design students from the Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology, (Bangalore, India) the Lifepatch citizen initiative in art, science and technology (Yogyakarta, Indonesia), and students at the School of Life Sciences at EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland).

Sachiko Hirosue works as a researcher at the interface of biomaterials and lymphatic physiology in the Institute of Bioengineering, School of Life Sciences, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland. Her interests in bio art derives from the encounter at the Subtle Technologies Festival (Toronto, Canada) , which she co-chaired from 2005-2008. The 2011 Hackterialab in Romainmôtier, Switzerland inspired her to initiate fresh collaborations with Lifepatch and (art)ScienceBLR: BIO-DESIGN for the REAL WORLD, an interdisciplinary educational collaboration focused on solving real world water problems through analysis and mapping of water quality.


Summary of the evening also on the website.

  1. […] One of the connections we were able to make this year, was with Marc Böhlen of airkami project. We were lucky to catch him while he came through Switzerland to give an artists’ talk as part of the Hackteria Swiss Curriculum, a series on the topic of bio art | sci | tec and related practices, hosted as a collaboration between hackteria and Corner College in Zürich. The abstracts and details of the evening can be found here. […]

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