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HSC#3 | 16. July 14 | A critical perspective on bio-art between tactical media and artistic playground @ Corner College, Zürich

With the third part of the series of talks/presentations aiming to discuss openly the multitudes of bio art | sci | tec and related practices we will try to round up the topic before the summer break and have invited Boris Magrini, art historian and curator, to give an overview of the history and contexts of various works related to bioart.
HSC (Hackteria Swiss Curriculum) is a cooperation of Hackteria and Corner College, Kochstrasse 1, 8004 Zürich. Find map here

HSC#3: A critical perspective on bio-art between tactical media and artistic playground
Date: 16.07.2014 – 20h
Speaker: Boris Magrini (CH)

Jalila_EssaidiSince many tools and wetware products to create bio-labs have become affordable, artists have experimented with bio-technologies. Hence, bio-art has established itself as the latest trend in the field of media art. However, this artistic production is extremely heterogeneous, encompassing the spectacular works of Eduardo Kac and SymbioticA, the thought-provoking ones of Paul Vanouse and the Critical Art Ensemble, or again the participative and performative activities of Hackteria, for instance. How have these
practices been described and examined by critics and historians? How were they presented in institutions, museums and festivals? Furthermore, what are the future challenges for the artists engaging in biotechnologies? Through the discussion of a selection of works, exhibitions and essays, I will attempt to answer these questions and offer a possible, critical perspective on bio-art and its reception.

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