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GOSH!2016 meets Arts@CERN

Finally it’s here! We are happy to have contributed as part of the organizing team to bring together such an amazing group of people!

You can find much more info on the dedicated website: GOSH!2016

2. March, CERN Auditorium: Arts@CERN in collaboration with GOSH! 2016 presents…

17:15 Introduction

17:30 Tom Igoe, Associate Arts Professor, ITP, NYU
“My Utopias”
One of the challenges for emerging artists and scientists is to articulate their ideals and to identify how they can realize those ideals through their work. At the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU, we’re continually looking for new ways to help students to find the intersection between their ideals and the skills they’re developing. In this talk I’ll present a number of projects from ITP and other sources that embody this goal, blending technology development with activism, social equity, storytelling, and caregiving.

18:00 Welcome Speech by Monica Bello, Head of Arts@CERN, and by Tara Shears Experimental Particle Physicist.

18:10 Arts@CERN Guest Artists, Dmitry Gelfand and Evelina Domnitch (portable palace).
Despite the overwhelming, century-long success of quantum physics it is still unknown as to where and if there lies a horizon separating our reality from the quantum world of light upon which it is based. It is this slippery frontier that Domnitch and Gelfand explore through installations and performances. Formerly considered impossible to imagine, let alone perceive, a variety of quantum phenomena have been detected on macroscopic scales, from colloidal liquids and biological systems to astrophysical phenomena. These thresholds can be experienced through meticulously orchestrated conditions coupled with an active attunement of the senses.

See more about Evelina & Dmitry’s visit to CERN.

4. March, Hackuarium in collaboration with GOSH! 2016 presents…

Open Hardware Night, 19h –

More info on hackuarium’s fbook

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