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Call for articles

hackteria is looking for authors who want to contribute theoretical articles, critical discourses or introductory text to the field of biological arts and sciences.

  1. joan on Monday 28, 2009

    I find this itneresting, I can write an introductory text if you want.

    I’ve never touched to biological art, but have participated in courses of technology for art done minor stuff in art using technology. I’ve also done a fair amount of research that has connections with art. My current work aims at putting in connection basic mechanisms of bodily self counsciousness with perception of architectonic space. I am doing this at the brain mind institute at EPFL.

    I also have background in creative writing. You can check all this in my website.

    what do you need the text for? I can do it in english, french, catalan or spanish, but no german.

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