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SRCE (Croatian word for Heart ) Live biomechatronic heart, grown with a help of Gluconacetobacter xylinus bacteria. This technology is applicable for growing of “real” human organs (as a scaffold for growing them). Material: As a material for growing of SRCE, microbial cellulose is used. Microbial cellulose is an experimental bio-material, grown in a bioreactor […]

Gjino Šutić [Biotweaker]  & UR Institute

Gjino Šutić, Independent interdisciplinary researcher, from Croatia. Conducts research in the several fields of science, such as;    all fields of biology, medicine, engineering, electronics, neurology, nanotechnology etc. with an emphasis on DIY biotechnology & bioelectronics. He designs and makes (DIY) necessary research instruments. Invented the concept of Biotweaking (improvement of living organisms or their components […]