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“Biohacking – Gentechnologie für alle” by Rüdiger Trojok released

Die Programmierung des Lebens – interdisziplinäre Forschung zum Wohle aller “Programming Life – interdisciplinary research for the benefit of all” Available in German only (hopefully soon translated into Chinese, English, Spanish, Hindi and Russian… Order online from Franzis Verlag Overview “Biohacking – Gentechnologie für alle” ist eine Neuerscheinung aus dem Franzis Verlag von Rüdiger Trojok, […]

Make Munich presents “BioHäcker”

More info on fbook Presentation and Discussions on “BioHacking”, 18. March, 2016 Make Style Happen! Thx for the nice venue and audience @ STYLIGHT Headquarter! Make Munich "Wiä wuorn scho imma BioHäckr" from Marc Dusseiller Dusjagr Workshop on DIY Laboratory Instruments, 19/20. March 2016 @ IXDS, Munich During this workshop the participants were introduced in […]

Comments Off on The Hydra Project – Kuai Shen @ Sonnenstube, Lugano, 10-20 Mar 2016
The Hydra Project – Kuai Shen @ Sonnenstube, Lugano, 10-20 Mar 2016

The Hydra Project – Kuai Shen < Viral Ecologies > at Sonnenstube Offspace, Via Luigi Canonica 12, 6900 Lugano (CH) March 10-20, 2016. Exhibition, performance, workshops and lecture by Ecuadorian artist Kuai Shen. Curated by Boris Magrini as part of Hackteria’s The Hydra Project. Exhibition Kuai Shen – PWA+OI (visual algorithms of ant mimicry in relation […]

Après-GOSH! and Coconuts @ a.n.y.m.a.

As an follow up program of GOSH! 2016, Gathering for Open Science Hardware, we have invited the remaining participants to join us for a few more days of hacking and sharing to the a.n.y.m.a. studio in Fribourg. Thanks to Michi for letting us use the studio! Alternativ Coconut Research @ a.n.y.m.a, Fribourg, Switzerland – March […]

GOSH!2016 meets Arts@CERN

Finally it’s here! We are happy to have contributed as part of the organizing team to bring together such an amazing group of people! You can find much more info on the dedicated website: GOSH!2016 2. March, CERN Auditorium: Arts@CERN in collaboration with GOSH! 2016 presents… 17:15 Introduction 17:30 Tom Igoe, Associate Arts Professor, ITP, […]