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[PechblendaLAB] EXOglands radical dynamics: fluid, tissues & bloody self-aware enhancement bionicLAB

Another Pechblenda Tentacle Klau + Pin transhackfeminist – biopunk – radical SelFpower – Analisis of fluids – citology – DIY equipment situated tools, microscopic maps, body fluids dinamics. This week another pechblenda tentacle was born as part of  Softcontrol open call.  So excited! Hackteria is in pechblenda veins! taking back the TECH!! Extreme own-body cognition, […]

Meeting of Swiss Public Biolabs @ Bioscope, Geneva

See notes from our meeting:

CocoMake7 – A “jugaad” improved and low-cost Makey Makey based on Coconuts

An ongoing project from the Center for Alternative Coconut Research. See documentation on the wiki And slowly updating some code on GitHub Design Concept and Prototypes Playing the CocoMake7 as a sampler Sausage Synth – CocoMake7 controlling a synth on puredata Impressions