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“Hackteria: An Example of Neomodern Activism”, Boris Magrini, 2014 – LEA,

– Boris Magrini wrote this article during 2012-13 and it finally got published in the Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Volume 20 Issue 1 Download the full article here Abstract “As a platform for knowledge sharing and artistic exploration, Hackteria constitutes a network of artists and researchers that merge the use of biotechnologies with hacking and do-it-yourself […]

Hackteria Swiss Apéro, 18th Jan, Zürich

after 5 years of activities of the hackteria framework, a global network of enthusiasts in bridging biology with art, hacking and DIY strategies, we would love to invite you all for local get-together with the regional people in Switzerland. All of you have participated, contributed and shared interest in our recent activities, and we would […]