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CALL FOR ABSTRACTS – Tech4Dev: The Openness Paradigm

Our partners from BioDESIGN.CC will be hosting this session coming next June 2014: CALL FOR ABSTRACTS – deadline 14 October 2013 The Openness Paradigm: How Synergies Between Open Access, Open Data, Open Science, Open Source Hardware, Open Drug Discovery Support Development? Session [TH2-SE02-11] in the UNESCO Chair in Technologies for Development: What is Essential? 4-6 […]

Urban Ecology meets Artist’s Kitchen

We are currently looking into various urban ecologies in the city of Ljubljana. Together with Dominik Mahnič, creator of the Artist’s Kitchen Youtube series, and friends we will explore various habitats and environments of urban life, and experimenting with traditional recipes for cooking and eating them. It’s curcial to plan and adapt your expeditions due […]

Denisa Kera

Denisa Kera is a philosopher and a designer, who uses prototypes to rethink history of science, but also future scenarios related to emerging technologies. She views prototypes as critical probes and tools for public deliberation, reflection and participation in science. In 2013 she became a collector of DIYbio prototypes and Hackteria network archivist. The collection […]

DIY Plankton Nets, some experiences…

We have recently explored some simple DIY methods for making your own plankton nets. See more info about various methods for microbe hunting on the wiki-page “The Art of Hunting” According to some tips from Brandon Ballangée and Brian Degger, we found some great and cheap methods. Primarily relying on different mesh in stockings/panty hoses […]

Cave µ-Safari in Vranja Jama

Last week we were doing the first expedition into the Karst caves around Ljubljana. While they are famous for their beautiful geological formations, the dark and cold waters of these caves are also the habitat of the Proteus anguinus, also called “Human Fish”. But is there more other life down there? To check this we […]